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WE ARE HONORED to publish the EDITORIAL and  CONTENTS LIST each week of the Wotanging Ikche- Native American News Newsletter and Ezine, published by Gary Night Owl.

The complete CURRENT newsletters are now available on the WOTANGING IKCHE website. On the WOTANGING IKCHE website you will find the complete ARCHIVE of ALL Past Issues, since 1993. These editorials will be run in their entirety without any censorship.

Read about the Wotanging Ikche-Native American News Newsletter and Ezine .


All of the articles are printer friendly so that you can print them out
to share with others that don't have computers or internet access.

Native American News Newsletter and Ezine

     Wotanging Ikche is a Native American Newsletter and Ezine, distributed by Gary Night Owl on a weekly basis since 1993. Both the newsletter and the website are free services.

     It was started when information was NOT quite so available. It is still produced in straight ascii text for those with limited machines ... some rez schools are lucky if they have 386 based computers.

     Gary distributes this newsletter while his wife, Janet runs the website Owlstar News and Trading Post . Much of what is on Owlstar News ends up in Wotanging Ikche, but there are other news items included in Wotanging Ikche , NOT on Owlstar News. 

     Owlstar News has headlines and synopsis of daily news stories about American Indian People and Communities.  One can click on the title of each article and go to the original source, from the Owlstar News website. It is another website worth visiting.

WOTANGING IKCHE MISSION STATEMENT- (in the words from their website)

    This newsletter is a way of keeping the brothers and sisters who share our Spirit informed about current events within the lives of those who walk the
Red Road. 

     It is our hope that this website, and the weekly newsletter, may help to promote harmony and unity within First Nations peoples and within our world.

WOTANGING IKCHE NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL-( in the words from their website)

     If you wish to subscribe to Wotanging Ikche, please send a note to   requesting that you be added to the mailing list. Please allow 7-14 days to receive your first issue of the newsletter. Thanks for joining us!

     Readers with world wide web access, but not electronic mail, are welcome to visit the website weekly for the latest issue.

     The Newsletter is Sent in Two Parts:
  The first part has the Editorial and the Articles listed in the Contents List on this website.

The second part is Native Crossings a separately emailed supplement to Wotanging Ikche Native American News dedicated to the memory of those in Indian Country who have begun their spirit journeys.

CONTACT: Please send all submissions, subscription requests, questions or comments for the Wotanging Ikche Newsletter  and ezine to at .

WEBSITE: Wotanging Ikche-Native American News


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