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Where the Snow Owl Lives!-Page 2
Snow Owl-September 2005

Part of the Ausable River Chasm; shot taken from the bridge.
– Snow Owl
Using the picture above, if instead of looking upriver,
you look straight down over the edge – this is what you see.
– Snow Owl
Another angle of the Chasm, falls, and a building/buildings
that once were grinding mills, power mills/plant through the years.
– Snow Owl
Spot the furthest right waterfalls? Just hidden behind the trees to the falls
immediate right, is a very nice well-kept up vintage home.
It must be wonderful to live in such a place.
– Snow Owl
This is the view from the edge,
on the opposite side of the bridge.
– Snow Owl
This is a continuation of the shot above.
– Snow Owl
Another angle.
– Snow Owl
Extended view.
– Snow Owl
Kayaking anyone?
LOL – Snow Owl
Well, that’s the end of this little scenic walk.
I hope you enjoyed seeing something other than the falsely stereotyped New York.


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