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Where the Snow Owl Lives!-Page 1
Snow Owl-September 2005


The pictures shown here are poor and I apologize for that. However, they were all taken by me, using a Gift from a wonderful Brother who is a Long Haul Trucker named Jesse. I will be forever grateful for his gracious gift. So while I apologize for the photos, please note that their failings are due to the photographer (me) and not the camera! <s>).

The pictures are taken in the area known as the Northern/Southern Adirondaks and is the general area of where I live; Plattsburgh, New York. At least this is where I live until I can sell my current house and moved to Massena, New Yorkeven further north (and west) on the shore of the St. Lawrence River (Seaway) and near the Lake Ontario eastern shore.

The pictures with the signs on them are taken in/on the Aksasne Mohawk Reservation, outside of Massena, NY a couple of miles. The pictures of the Ausable River and its Chasm are taken about 12 miles or so south of Plattsburgh.

I hope to do a more extensive article on the Aksasne Mohawk in the future, but only time will tell.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Snow Owl

The words on the buildings right side say:
This Is Mohawk Land Not NYS (New York State) Land.
Snow Owl
A closer view of previous picture. Snow Owl
If you look closely, on the balcony railing there are two Great Horned Owls.
One is to the left of the balcony sliding doors, while the other is nearly framed by the right hand window. Snow Owl
Another angle of the two Great Horned Owls on the balcony.
Snow Owl (arrows point to owls)
This bill board reads:
HOMELAND SECURITY Fighting Taxes Since 1492.
Snow Owl
Here is a closer view of the above billboard.
-Snow Owl
The words on this billboard read:
Honor Indian Treaties Its Legal!
Snow Owl
Here is a closer view of the above billboard.
-Snow Owl
Of course, we MUST has at least one obligatory Indian Casino pic!
LOL Snow Owl
This picture should be fairly self-explanatory.
The child is saying"Grandpa, can't they read."
Snow Owl
Here is a closer view of the above billboard.
-Snow Owl
Here is another closer view of the above billboard.
-Snow Owl
The Aksasne Mohawk Tribal Police/Court site.
Snow Owl
And one more angle of the two Great Horned Owls on the balcony. Before we move onto the pictures of the Ausable River Chasm.
Snow Owl

PAGE 2 Ausable River Chasm


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