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In my searching on the Internet I came across the best article on the Apaches, that I have ever read. In looking further, I discovered this continuing series, Remembering the Great Chiefs, written by Joyce Worley, a well-known journalist and historian from Missouri. When asked, Joyce agreed to allow us to put up the Introduction of the series and two of the articles. It was hard to choose two articles...they are all outstanding...AND there are more to come. You can read all of the articles at Native Radio-The Great Chiefs. Joyce welcomes any emails to know your opinions, questions, and even your disagreements.

As time goes on...We hope to have more writings from Joyce. We are honored she has allowed us to put her work on the Snow Owl website. ~~ Spotted Wolf

  Remembering the Great Chiefs: Introduction

  The Apaches: Destined for Change

  The Comanche: A Hard People in a Hard Land
     This column on will present a series of articles about the Great Native American chiefs, their accomplishments and, alas, their sorrows.

     By this close-up look at the leaders who gave their all to try to save their peoples, I hope we will gain a better understanding of what happened and why, and how these courageous captains struggled against impossible odds.

     There are few surprises to be found here, and almost no joy whatsoever. These are stories of sorrow and grief, of betrayal and ordeal beyond decency. You may ask, "Then why should we preserve these sad memories?"

     The answers are clear and unequivocal. We must face their challenges, we must know their fear, we must keep forever alive the memory of our past in order to preserve our future. We must not allow our children to forget our Holocaust.

There is no joy in the past, but we can use it to illuminate our futures. We can never undo what happened, we cannot bring back what was lost.

     But we can raise our tear-stained faces, and feel the warmth of the sun, and use our knowledge of the past to build a better Native America for ourselves.

     In this third millennium, the past grows ever more remote and difficult to understand, but it is up to us to teach our children how to live with the betrayals and heartbreaks our grandparents knew, and how to bravely seek joy in this new world.

     Native Americans must live with the knowledge of what was done to our elders. And, the children of the settlers must live with the knowledge of what their elders did. These are heavy burdens for both, but not yet ready to be laid aside.

     The Great Chiefs were mighty men who faced impossible problems. How they dealt with them may provide lessons for a world that offers no compromises.

As we journey through sorrow together, I hope you will show me your heart. Write to me at   and give me your opinions, corrections, questions and suggestions. I will welcome your messages.

(Joyce Worley, who is proud of her Cherokee heritage, is a well-known journalist and historian from Missouri.)


[ Remembering the Great Chiefs ] The Apaches: Destined for Change ] Quanah Parker: The Great Chief of the Comanche ]
Go to Native Radio to Read More Remembering the Great Chiefs 


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Created June 9, 2007