ABALONE- Is associated with healing, serenity, calmness, nobility, and honesty.
AGATE- This quartz, belonging to the Chalcedony family, comes in a wide range of colors, and is often variegated and banded. Agates foster love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, courage, protection, balance, harmony, generosity, strength, security and appreciation of nature. They are also very calming and soothing to the emotions. Can help with childbirth, menstrual cramps, teething and grounding. Stimulates eyesight; diminishes thirst; promotes fidelity in marriage.
ALEXANDRITE- A green form of Chrysoberyl. Encourages regeneration, renewal, protection, joy, emotional maturity, purity, grace and elegance. 

AMAZONITE- A green or blue-green member of the Feldspar clan. Inspires growth, sincerity, honor, self-love, communication, eloquence, integrity, trust, clairvoyance, clarity, prophecy and openness.  Opens creativity. Held to the third eye (middle of forehead), Amazonite unlocks psychic vision.

AmberAMBER- Solidified and petrified sap from a pine tree. Its color is golden or amber. Amber brings romantic love, purification, wisdom, energy and balance. It enhances patience, altruism, strength, calmness, healing,
remembrance of past lives and ancient knowledge. This stone absorbs and transmutes negative energy. 

AMETHYST- Quartz.  Ranges in color from violet to dark purple. Amethyst  is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities,  inner peace, healing and positive transformation. This stone brings an understanding  of death and rebirth and relieves stress. Amethyst is a teacher of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. It helps dreaming, dispels nightmares. It is known as the "sobriety stone", helps break bad habits. Treats pain of headaches even to the point of eradicating them completely; treats insomnia.
AQUAMARINE- A blue-green member of the beryl clan. Associated with cleansing, serenity, peace, prophecy, inspiration tranquility, strength and the wise use of inner power. This stone is attuned to the ocean and helps us to get in touch with the nature spirits of the sea. It is used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias. Promotes safe travel on the sea.

AventurineAVENTURINE- Quartz. Ranges in color from  golden brown to green. Enhances creativity, imagination, independence, prosperity, career success, calmness and balance. It helps us see alternatives and potentials. 

AZURITE- A dark blue metallic mineral. Augments clear understanding, cleansing, healing, transformation, perspective, purification, patience, kindness, intuition, prophecy and truth. This stone offers spiritual guidance, promotes psychic dreams, unites the subconscious with the conscious mind and expands the limits of our minds. Azurite also calms anxiety, and assists with skin, bones, teeth and circulation. Enhances flexibility; aids in treatment of disorders associated with skin, teeth, bones and circulatory system. 
BLOODSTONE- Quartz. A dark green Chalcedony with red flecks. Also called Heliotrope. Brings rain, alignment, organization, smooth energy flow, generosity, idealism, good fortune and purification. It is good to keep a bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed. It helps in childbirth, stops bleeding, and eliminates toxins.
CARNELIAN- Quartz. A form of Chalcedony. Its color is reddish-orange or brown. Carnelian is linked with emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, individuality, memory, appreciation of nature, harmony, courage, happiness, self- esteem, rebirth, reincarnation and past life recall. This stone calms our fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the great cycle of life. It also can aid reproduction, sexuality, menstrual cramps, lungs, asthma, arthritis, pollen allergies and colds.. 

CALCITE-A carbonate mineral. Helps in treating of kidneys, spleen, and pancreas; aid to promote de-calcification of bone growths. Gold Calcite is said to deepen intellect, memory, wisdom, psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness. Green Calcite promotes healing, mental balance and communication between the intellect and the emotions. White Calcite (also known as Iceland Spar) fosters spirituality. Gray Calcite encourages calmness and serenity. Red Calcite opens the heart chakra.

CAT'S EYE- Also known as Cymophane. Builds determination, strength of mind, steadfastness, will power, moral courage, tenacity, vigor, resolve, self control, intelligence and knowledge. It also fosters constancy, stability and the ability to weather all storms. Used in treatment of eye problems; relief of facial and sciatic affectations, relief of headaches and pains due to nervous disorders.

CHALCEDONY- Quartz. Usually gray, but may be brown, black,  blue or white. Augments emotional balance, vitality, stamina, endurance, energy, intensity, hardiness, nurturance, generosity, liveliness, kindness, charity and friendliness.
CHRYSOBERYL- The color ranges from yellow to green to brown. Chrysoberyl is said to promote kindness, generosity, benevolence, hope, optimism, renewal, new beginnings, compassion and forgiveness. 
CHRYSOCOLLA- A blue-green member of the quartz clan.  Also known as Gem Silica. Is associated with tranquility, serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, nurturance, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, honesty, hope, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity. Also it protects against negativity and jealousies. Eases emotional heartache and helps digestion.
CHRYSOPRASE- Quartz. A green form of Chalcedony. Chrysoprase is linked with communication, eloquence, balance, stability, adaptability, alternatives, choices, higher consciousness, youthful zest and hope. This stone is considered protective towards children, young animals and seedlings.
CITRINE- A golden yellow quartz. Augments happiness, prosperity, generosity, creativity, pleasure, protection, strength, alignment, confidence, stability, energy, comfort, truth, goodness and warmth. It helps digestion, assimilation, enjoyment of life and spiritual growth. This is a stone of success in all walks of life. Increases visual abilities; helps balance thyroid; and activation of Thymus; aids in eliminating fundamental elements of fear; aids in healing of cuts/abrasions; aids in dispelling of indolence and passivity. Also known as the "Merchant's Stone", for it has been said and supposedly shown, that placing a Citrine stone in one's cash box has increased profits.
COBALT- Fosters channeling, communication with the higher forces, balancing and praying. Teaches us to be open and give thanks. 
COPPER- This metal promotes channeling, cleansing, luck, prosperity, purification, self-esteem, communication and energy. This metal is often used as the shaft of crystal wands because it facilitates the flow of energy. Aids in the relieving of pain due to arthritis.
CORAL- Coral is formed from the skeletons of tiny sea creatures. White Coral is linked with balance, relaxation, protection, safe travel on water and appreciation of nature. Pink Coral is associated with platonic love, friendship and community. Red Coral promotes creativity, passion, romantic love, wisdom, optimism and enthusiasm. Black Coral grants serenity and peace while absorbing negative energy.
CRYSTAL-  Clear Quartz- One of earth's most common minerals. It is also known as rock crystal or quartz crystal. Clear quartz crystals facilitate wisdom, clarity of thought, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony and love. This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations.
DIAMOND- The color is clear. The Clear Diamond is said to bond relationships, and encourage innocence, love, longevity, balance, clarity, profundity, abundance, courage, purity, hope and discernment. This stone helps us get to the essence of things. Black Diamonds grant us the courage to look within without illusion. Blue Diamonds inspire us to take better care of our health and strengthen will power. Pink Diamonds foster creative expression. Yellow Diamonds make us more thoughtful and considerate. 

EmeraldEMERALD- A green member of the beryl clan. Emeralds promote love, romance, joy, cleansing, clairvoyance, clear vision, memory, faith, intuition, serenity, intelligence and communication. This is a truth-promoting stone, inspiring deep knowing from within.

FIRE AGATE- Also known as Flame Agate, Graveyard Plume Agate, Carey Plume Agate, and Mexican Flame Agate. It is said to help those who are overly timid become more assertive and self-expressive. Also associated with courage, protection, enthusiasm and goodness. Treats burns, initiates healing and renewal processes; disorders of the eyes.
FIRE OPAL- Inspires dynamic energy, intensity, passion, emotional expressiveness. also see Opal.
FLUORITE- Commonly white, yellow, blue, green, purple, or a mixture of these colors. Fluorite fosters truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection. It also assists in focusing and centering, and in balancing when working on the computer. Called the "genius stone" it helps one's ability to concentrate. Asssists in prevention/repair of RNA or DNA damage. Blue Fluorite calms the emotions. Purple Fluorite increases spiritual balance and mystic visions. Yellow Fluorite nurtures wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. White Fluorite builds purity of spirit. Fluorite is a very protective stone, especially offering psychic protection.
FULGURITE-Natural glass. Is a glass tube formed in sand by lightening striking the desert floor. It is used for communication on all levels. Treats ear, nose, throat problems; intestinal walls; colon; alimenatry canal; and esophagus.

GarnetGARNET- A Silicate mineral. a variety of colors, the most popular being red or green. Red Garnet inspires romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self- confidence. It helps us become more productive and achievement oriented. It is called the "stone of commitment". Enhances absorbing/assimilation of iodine. Green Garnet augments peace, serenity, meditation, creativity, healing, purification, patience and clarity of thought. 

GEODES- Foster intellectual insight, awareness and community. Geodes help us attract compatible friends and lovers and teach us to live in harmony with each other.
GOLD- Gold is associated with virtue, moral excellence, nobility of mind, purification, happiness, honor, wealth, strength of will, generosity, positive thoughts, energy, good humor, courage, stability, luck and opportunity. This metal stimulates action and ennobles the character. treats skin cancer; arthritis; blood disorders; pneumonia; vascular disorders; eye problems; paralysis; spinal problems; nightmares; heart disease and rheumatism.

hematiteHEMATITE- An iron ore. Reddish, gray or black. Hematite enhances focus, concentration, will-power, reliability, courage, confidence, optimism, trust, balance and stability. This stone has been traditionally considered to have a beneficial effect on legal situations. It is a calming stone that helps with high blood pressure, muscle cramping, nervous disorders and insomnia. It transforms negativity. Used to draw out body heat as in fevers, etc.

HOWLITE-Snowy white, sometimes with brown or black veins. Rarely clear. Fosters appreciation of beauty, inspiration, creativity and artistic expression. Aids in balancing calcium levels in the body.
JADE- Most often green, but can come in a variety of colors. All jade augments longevity, fertility, serenity, wisdom, practicality, tranquility, balance, peace, harmony, moderation, perspective, equilibrium and stability. This is a stone that helps us understand our dreams and teaches us to live in harmony with the laws of nature and spirit. Used in treatment of heart disorders; hips; kidneys; and spleen. Black Jade offers protection from negativity and fosters the wise use of power. Blue Jade inspires meditation. Butterfat Jade brings relaxation. Lavender Jade inspires love, optimism and beauty. Orange Jade enhances energy and protection. White Jade fosters practical application of spirituality. Yellow Jade is linked with assimilation, digestion, understanding and empathy.
JADEITE- Wide range of colors. Encourages emotional balance, a sense of well being and healing dreams.
JASPER- Quartz. Red, yellow, or brown. Jasper is associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation, tranquility, completion, wholeness, healing and gentle endings. It gives protection during travel and from negativity. Its grounding properties facilitates astral travel. Jasper is also a good stone for those who need organizational abilities. Picture Jasper is sometimes called the "Sustaining Stone" -it is good when energy levels are low, such as an extended hospital stay; aids in bringing hidden thoughts of the mind to the forefront to be identified for what they are and thus face the cause of various disorders.
JET- A form of coal. The color is black. jet fosters nobility, honor, decency, justice, goodness, protection, optimism, emotional balance, courteousness, happiness, benevolence, confidence, transformation, positive growth, courage and leadership abilities. This stone encourages us to stay centered in all situations. 

KunziteKUNZITE- A pink to light violet member of the Spodumene clan. Kunzite is associated with gentleness, friendliness, self-discipline, emotional balance, inner love, maturity, security, calmness, openness and moderation. This stone synthesizes loving thoughts a and communication, self-love, unconditional love and romantic love. Kunzite helps us attract gentle friends and teaches us to combine compassionate self-love with discipline.

LABRADORITE-  Dark to gray-black, blue or green Feldspar. Labradorite promotes psychic abilities, occult powers, strength of will and a feeling of inner worth. Labradorite strengthens and protects our aura and teaches us to use Mystical power wisely and well. This stone also aids us in communicating with our highest self.

LAPIS LAZULI- Also known as Lapis. The color is dark blue with gold flecks. Lapis Lazuli is associated with truthfulness, openness, inner power, love, purification, intuition, a sense of wonder and mystery, positive magic, self-confidence, virility, manifestation, an appreciation of mystery, psychic ability and tranquility. This stone is considered strengthening to mind and body. Lapis allows us to tap our own inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. Helps us contact our spirit guardians. Also it can help us with insomnia, dreaming, women's healing, PMS, depression and infections. Lapis draws out the hidden negative energies and diseases.

LACE AGATE- Quartz. Blue Lace Agate is associated with hope, unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism, positive thinking, appreciation for nature, smooth energy flow, joy, truth, purification and promptness. Makes us more easygoing. Mexican Lace Agate is said to lift depression. Pink Lace Agate increases friendliness and happiness. White Lace Agate attunes us to our highest mind.

MALACHITE- A green metallic mineral. Comes in a varying shades of green and is often banded. Augments loyalty, leadership ability, protection, subconscious, wisdom, comfort, balance, peace, sensitivity, emotional maturity, inner clarity, self-understanding, positive transformation and healing. This stone reflects the feelings of those who wear it. It also promotes purification and healing dreams as well as drawing out negative energy. It clears emotional blocks, aids eyesight, digestion, diabetes and hypoglycemia, eases childbirth. Aids in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, broken bones, swollen joints, tumors/growths, torn/strained muscles. Stimulates intuitiveness and and instinct. 

MARCASITE- Also called White Pyrite. Marcasite inspires relaxation, reflection, spiritual development, focus and clarity. It encourages past life recall and awakens ancient memories.
MOLDAVITE- A green meteorite. Especially good for channeling healing energy. Helps us communicate with our higher self.
MOONSTONE- Feldspar. Usually milky with a bluish or yellowish tint. Moonstones foster happiness, good fortune, nurturing, mothering, unselfishness, humanitarian love, hope and spiritual insight, easy childbirth, safe travel on water, new beginnings, abundance and ancient wisdom. This stone gets us in touch with our feelings and is linked with the moon. It is best to attune its energies to the moon's phases. Moonstone is protective of women and nature, and is the sacred stone of the Moon Goddess. Used for "wishing or hoping" but does not necessarily aid in the granting of that which is hoped for, but rather aids in allowing one to absorb the universe powers/energies of that which is needed.
MOSS AGATE- Quartz. Greenish-brown. Moss agates are associated with prosperity, success, abundance, congeniality, compatibility, healing, rain, restoration, fertility of plants, protection of the earth, creativity, confidence and strength. This stone is helpful when starting new friendships or when seeking a compatible lover. Moss agate also helps us communicate directly with animals, plants and all of nature.
OBSIDIAN- Formed when lava is quickly cooled. Black Obsidian brings purification, transformation, inner growth, fulfillment, metamorphosis, manifestation, introspection, practicality, psychic ability and the correct use of inner power. This stone exposes our rationalizations and illusions about ourselves. Golden Obsidian increases self-control and is useful for habit-breaking. Mahogany Obsidian promotes acceptance of our sexuality and sensuality. Snowflake Obsidian keeps us balanced during times of change. Allows or promotes a one to be able to recognize unneeded "life patterns"  while allowing or providing the energy to re-design these "life or thought" patterns into positive ones in order to provide relief from undesired conditions.
ONYX- Quartz. usually black or brown with white bands. A type of Chalcedony. This stone promotes increased vigor, strength, stamina, constancy, steadfastness, permanence, tenacity, firmness, durability and self-control. Valuable in difficult or confusing times of our lives.
OPAL- Quartz. Wide range of colors. Opals foster love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional expressiveness, warmth, spontaneity and dramatic ability. Also associated with peace and consciousness. Sometimes considered unlucky, but this is only because modern people fear their emotional side. A very emotionally responsive stone. Black Opal promotes cosmic awareness and oceanic consciousness. Boulder Opal fosters creativity and originality. Fire Opal inspires dynamic energy and intensity. Sonoma Opal induces emotional stability. White Opal enhances competency and efficiency. 

PEARL- Inspires purity, honesty, innocence, integrity, concentration, focus, meditation, serenity, tranquility and wisdom. Helps us get in touch with the simple honest things in life. Sometimes called "The Stone of Serenity". Brings loyalty to a "cause" or truth to "situations".

PeridotPERIDOT- Yellow-green, olive-green, brown. Also known as Olivine or Chrysolite. Inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth and growth. It alleviates anger, jealousy and irritation. It is associated with stress reduction, relaxation, health vigor, recuperative abilities, comfort and intuition. especially good for healing the healers.

PETRIFIED WOOD- Fossilized trees. grays, reds, browns. Associated with stability, security, strength, longevity, grounding, calmness and wisdom. Helps us communicate with trees. Teaches us to respect old people and ancient knowledge.
PINK CORAL-Coral is formed from the skeletons of tiny sea creatures. Pink Coral is associated with platonic love, friendship and community. Aids with heart disorders, breasts, stomach, reproductive organs.
RHODOCHROSITE- Rose or peach colored, with white band. Healing, comfort, harmony, amity and friendship. Promotes smooth energy flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion and self-love. Helps us live our spiritual beliefs. treats sinus problems; ulcers; inflammations.
RHODONITE- Red or pink with black inclusions. Brings calmness, self-confidence, refinement, gratefulness, elegance, delicacy, courtesy, tact, alternatives and inner path. helps us reach our full potential. Teaches us to see both sides of the issue. Treats joint inflammation; light sensitivity; streptococcal throat infections; heart disorders; arthritis.

ROSE QUARTZ- Pink. Enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic love. Opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. Emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle love into our lives. Teaches forgiveness and tolerance. Brings peacefulness and/or calm to relationships; aids in healing of "emotional" wounds. Used to clear fluids in the cells of the body; promote release of body impurities; dissolution of stress and tension; vertigo; diminishing of kidney and adrenal disorders.

RUBY- A red member of the Corundum clan. Fosters integrity, devotion, happiness, healing, courage, passion, romance, enthusiasm and generosity. Also evokes warmth, inspiration, prosperity, high energy, power and leadership ability. Provides stability in a person's financial/economic life; aids in personal adjustment in altering one's state-of-mind. 

RUTILATED QUARTZ- promotes determination, self-control, strength of will, resolve, self-reliance, volition, steadfastness and firmness. Good  for people who have trouble making decisions. Also, associated with happiness, communication with spirit guardians and general healing. Rutile are the gold and silver fibers that are found sometimes within quartz crystals and enhances the power of that crystal.

SapphireSAPPHIRE- A member of the Corundum clan. Dark Blue Sapphire inspires creative expression, intuition and meditation. Green Sapphire brings luck. Orange Sapphire, also known as  Padparadschah, augments wisdom, optimism and friendliness. Pink Sapphire encourages generosity, love and loyalty. Star Sapphire develops independence, centering, balance and psychic. White Sapphire is associated with self-appreciation and spiritual development. Yellow Sapphire enhances intellect, study, knowledge and memory.

SARDONYX- A form of Onyx with white and red bands. Fosters luck, friendship, happiness, good fortune, romance and marriage. Protective of the young and of those who try new things. Associated with stamina, vigor, energy and creativity. Teaches us to love nature's wild places and inhabitants.
SCAPOLITE-yellow, violet, pink or clear. Also called Wernerile. Facilitates integration of the mind and heart. Helps the overly emotional person become more analytical. Used in the treatment of glaucoma; cataracts; alignment of the eye's iris; dyslexia; and incontinence.
SELENITE- Clear Gypsum. Promotes serenity, purification, peace, meditation and universal consciousness. Brings clarity of thought and purity of heart. A stone of truth, universal love, integrity, spirituality, psychic development, forgiveness and positive thoughts.
SERPENTINE- Various hues of green. Inspires respect for the elderly, longevity, retrieval of ancient wisdom and remembrance of past lives. Aids in the treatment of heart and lungs; absorbing of nutrients and expellation of toxins.
SILVER- An elemental metal. Fosters hope, meditation, unconditional love, mothering, nurturance, grounding, appreciation of women and nature, mystic visions, spiritual and romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity and psychic abilities. The metal is sacred to the Moon Goddess. Colloidal Silver is made from Silver-which has many health benefits. 
SMOKY QUARTZ- Brown, black or smoky gray. Fosters serenity, calmness, positive thoughts; calms fears; lifts depression. Also associated with stability, practicality, intuition, pride, joy and a realistic, grounded spirituality. Helps us turn our wishes, dreams and desires into reality. Helps us tap subconscious wisdom. teaches us to simplify our lives and always live in a sacred manner.
SODALITE- Deep blue with white streaks and flecks. Encourages rational thinking, logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, higher knowledge, clarity, truth, and perception. Fosters knowledge, learning proficiency, consciousness, communication and wisdom, This stone helps us unite the logical with the spiritual.
SPECTROLITE- Is associated with renewal, invigoration, energy, health and regeneration.

Tiger's EyeTIGER'S EYE- Quartz. A brown Chalcedony with gold highlights. Enhances protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding and integration of spirit with worldly energy. Also associated with the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly without illusion. Integrates male and female energy within us. Also known to aid in night vision. Red Tiger's Eye teaches us to be energetic in a very composed and serene way.

TANZANITE-A blue form of Zoisite. is linked with composure, poise and harmony. Teaches us to slow down and take it easy. Good for workaholics.  It is used in the treatment of skin disorders; spinal alignment; eye disorders; and in the aid of breaking of a comatose state.

TOPAZ-  Blue Topaz inspires leadership ability, psychic knowing, spiritual growth, tranquility and psychic insight. Clear Topaz helps us communicate with Devas (Nature Spirits)  and with the animals and plants of the earth. Golden Topaz builds generosity, happiness, humor, optimism, creativity, wisdom, inspiration, abundance and love. It also attracts love to us and teaches us about spiritual love. Green Topaz guides us toward forgiveness and understanding. Pink Topaz promotes honor and truth.

TOURMALINE- Wide color range. Enhances flexibility, happiness, objectivity, compassion, serenity, balance, positive transformation, healing, strength, tolerance and understanding. Excellent channelling stone for communication with higher forces. Blue Tourmaline is also known as Indicolite or Indigolit. It is linked with peace, balance, eloquence and emotional purification. Colorless Tourmaline (Achroite) brings contact with the angelic realm. Black Tourmaline protects us from negative energy. Brown Tourmaline encourages stability and practicality. Green Tourmaline is said to foster prosperity, success, general healing, strength, purification and communication. Yellow Tourmaline brings heightened intelligence and spiritual awareness. Violet Tourmaline inspires meditation. Pink Tourmaline attunes us to love and opens the heart. Multi-colored Tourmaline teaches us to live harmoniously  with the whole range of humanity.
TURQUOISE- Color ranges from blue to green. Increases serenity, protection, meditation, energy, wisdom, balance, honest communication, strength, friendship and love. Considered to be a master healing stone- healing and fostering of empathy, positive thinking and sensitivity. Connects us with all life. Used in various ceremonies dealing with bringing of rain...or "cloud bursting".