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PART 2-Page 2
January 2003-Snowwowl

Graph by National Geographic

Most politicians, right along with many other opportunistic people not holding the values of the Native Americans, held the Buffalo and the Native American to be one with another, even to the point of getting rid of them both in any way possible. A certain Throckmorton of Texas, during the 1800’s said: “There is no question that, so long as there are millions of buffaloes in the West, so long the Indians cannot be controlled, even by the strong arm of the Government. I believe it would be a great step forward in the civilization of the Indians and the preservation of peace on the border if there was not a buffalo in existence.”  And this very nearly came to pass in full totality. In the late 1800’s a Col. Richard Dodge, himself a veteran Indian fighter, who had come to respect his adversaries, said: “Ten years ago the Plains Indians had an ample supply of food….Now everything is gone, and they are reduced to the condition of paupers, without food, shelter, clothing, or any of those necessaries of life which came from the buffalo….”  In Yellowstone Park , there are between 4,000 – 6,000 buffalo that range freely over its 2.2 million acres of forest, mountains and meadows. Research biologist Mary Meagher: “This heard is a windown on a vanished world. Bison have occupied the Yellowstone region since the end of the Pleistocene. Their fundamental behavior hasn’t changed. They take the world head-on. They are animated snowplows, able to reach forage by moving snow aside with their heads. They learn very quickly where the best grazing is. They’ll pick up and move if they don’t like things.”   

National Geographic Photo

National Geographic Photos

Right now, the Buffalo needs all the help it can get, the above two pictures are of a herd in Hawaii , perhaps the rainbow is a sign of Buffalo fortunes to change.

Winter in Wyoming ; National Geographic Photo

Winter in Wyoming ; National Geographic Photo


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