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Snow Owl May 2003

    These are pictures of Native American Flags that have been sent to me by various people and sources over a couple of years; as well probably a couple that I picked up while surfing. I decided I would keep them and try to do something with them on a rainy day well, guess what? Its raining at this very moment here! (s) If case any of these are copyrighted, or whatever there is no way that I would know it, still I have tried to attribute at least the site they came from as best as possible. 

   If any of you have other Native American Flags that you would like to see placed here, along with your website link and/or information, please feel free to send them to my website brother and sister (and if I misspelled that, the link is on the bottom of my Contents Page).

Click on the Names Below to go to a Picture of the Flag - Then Click on the Name There to Come Back to the Table
NOTE: The texts describing various peoples of the flags are snippets from the sites whose links are provided. If one truly wishes to know more about these NA people, they should really look into these wonderful informative sites.

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Alabama Quassarte Indians-Tribal Town Arapaho Tribal
Bay Mills Ojibwe or Chippewa Blackfeet Nation Oklahoma Caddo Indian Nation
Catawba Tribal Cherokee Nation Oklahoma Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho
Chickasaw Nation Choctaw Nation Potawatomi Indians
Colville Confederated Tribes Comanche Nation Crow Creek Sioux
Flathead Nation of Montana Ho-Chunk or Winnebago Tribal Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Iroquois Confederacy Flag S'Klallam Tribe of Jamestown Kialegee Tribal Town
Leech Lake Objibwe or Chippewa  Lenni Lenape Deleware Tribe Lower Elwha Klallam Tribal
Makah Indian Nation Mickosoukee Tribal Minnesota Chippewa or Objibwe 
Modoc Nation Mohave Chemihuevi Hopi Navaho Mohawk Nation
Navaho Tribal Northern Cheyenne Tribal Oglala Sioux
Oneida Indian Nation Otoe Missouria Tribal Pawnee Nation
Pima Maricopa Indian Tribe of Salt River, AZ Powhatan Renape  Miwok Tribe of Yosemite
Quapaw Tribal Quiluete Nation Flag of Washington Quinault Indian Nation
Red Lake Objibwe or Chippewa Sac Fox of Iowa Sac Fox of Oklahoma
Apache Tribe of San Carlos, AZ Santa Clara Tewa Pueblo Sault Ste Marie Objibwe or Chippewa
Seminole Indians of Florida Seminole Indians of Oklahoma Seneca Nation of Indians
Southern Ute Indian Tribe of Colorado Spokane Indian Tribal Thlopthlocco Creek Tribal Town, Okemah, OK 
Tonkawa Tribe Oklahoma Tulalip Tribal Tunica Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana
United Keetowah of  the Cherokee Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation, OR Washo Indians of California
Wichita Affiliated Tribes Yakima Indian Nation of Washington Zia Pueblo of the Keres Nation

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