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The people at have graciously agreed to try to answer all Kachina questions. They will be drawing on their 30+ years of experience in buying and selling Kachinas to help answer the e-mails and will tell people all that they and their resources can on any and all questions regarding Kachinas. They have access to many carvers as well as others who have experience with the Native Peoples of the Southwest, and will call on them as needed.


Thank you again Kachina House!-From the Nest!


Kwaho, the Eagle this doll is a foot high.
Zany as a Circus Clown, This Man is a Pueblo High Priest.

Koshates, or clowns, invoke laughter, an element in many scred ceremonies. Gesturing like a Balinese dancer, this Koshate describes the fall of rain and cultivation of corn. His unicorn cap, topped with corn husks, bears stripes representing bones of ancestors.
Good Dancer Carries Melon and Corn, Gifts of the Gods
Ogre with Protruding Tongue Polices the Ceremonial Ground.
Crouched Over a Cane, A Dancer Imitates a Wary Deer.
Mixed Kachinas Dance Beside a Sacred Trail of Corn Meal in Zuni Pueblo.

Zuni, New Mexico, is a successor to ruined Cibola, whose sun-gilded walls in 1539 led discoverer Fray Marcos de Niza to believe he had sighted a golden city. Fortune hunting Coronado exploded the myth a year later. Blanketed mudhead clowns, whose masks suggest the earborn first men, and the dancers.

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