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The people at have graciously agreed to try to answer all Kachina questions. They will be drawing on their 30+ years of experience in buying and selling Kachinas to help answer the e-mails and will tell people all that they and their resources can on any and all questions regarding Kachinas. They have access to many carvers as well as others who have experience with the Native Peoples of the Southwest, and will call on them as needed.


Thank you again Kachina House!-From the Nest!

SNOW OWL-April 2003

This addition to the Kachina Section comes from a purchased and registered National Geographic program. As such it pictures and material are copyrighted by them. 
Demigod Ho-te Kachina doll with Goggle Eyes
Unidentified Dancer in real life.
Hopi Girls in Painted Crests Await Suitors at a Dance.
The above two pictures are of Navajo Medicine Men rehearsing a chant at a Flagstaff Powwow. To keep time, here these chanters beat an overturned wedding basket. Kite-shaped standard of sticks and ribbons will be carried in the Feather Dance. Costumes show the classic velveteen blouse, pajama like trousers, moccasins, silver and turquoise, and Spanish-style bandannas are a standard wear of the Navaho.
Zuni maidens, wearing family wealth around their necks, gather at the annual Powwow at Flagstaff, Arizona to participate in the Basket Dance, a non-sacred entertainment given outside the reservation. Flat baskets over the ears imitate the butterfly hair-do often worn by Hope girls. Colored yarn and eagle down brighten the hair, while facial paint represents bird tracks.

Snouted Dance Sets Shells and Bells Tinkling, Yarns and Sashes Swishing
Kachina dancers often emphasize rain, life-giver in a semi-arid country. The dancer has painted rain symbols on his hands and wears a string sash that prays for showers. Bandoliers of shells imitate the beat of the drops. Sleigh bells, borrowed from the white man, substitute for the rattling deer hooves of old.


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