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      Yes, “basket weaving”, leaving out all the old jokes about athletes in college needing a class they could pass in order to play, is a very fine and beautiful art.  To be sure, it had to have been born out of necessity in ages no longer remembered by any human.  Even so, Native Americans, as well as many other “peoples”, serve up another example of how the human spirit despite its over abundant penchant for doing things that certainly could be considered not of “Light”, yet harbors the inner-spirit which enables them to bring forth items of beauty coupled with functionality from articles that at best to begin with had to be considered mundane.

    How old is the art of basket weaving?  I am sure that if you try and look this up, you will find as many different answers as there are those who profess to be “educated” beyond the Common Man.   For myself, about the only answer that seems halfway sensible is: About as old as Man finally got tired of having to make 20 trips from berry bush to the child waiting to eat.

    How many styles of Native American basket weaving are there? Forget that!  Far too many for this old head to try and count.  Which Peoples of the Native Americans wove/weave baskets?  I think it not far from truth to say, all of them.  Who is considered the Best Weavers?  That surely has to be up to the individual. You can find near vehement arguments, again by so-called Academia, as to this people or that people, but, if you are wise, you ignore all these and simply look for yourself and make your own choice.  Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to read about FRED TOMAH, Master Basket Maker,
See Examples of his work and Link to his website.
CLICK HERE to read the Pine Needle Baskets Interview
with Artist Barbara ‘little Doe’ Adkins by Katherine P. Roberts
Penobscot Fancy Brown Ash and Sweetgrass Baskets by Outdusis (Little Pathway)


Though the baskets here are of modern design, they are made by a Native American in some of the oldest and simplest traditions of basket making. You can read more about how the baskets are made on the opening page of her website.


Honor Basket Acorn Knitting Basket Sweetheart Basket Sewing Basket
  Diversity Basket  
Longhouse Marketplace:

Some very nice photos of excellent workmanship of times gone by.  Yes, these items are for sale…and, hold onto your eyes when you see the prices! LOL.

Washoe style basket – Nevada. Wasco/Wisxham style – Pacific NW

Klickitat Basket Style (sometimes known as berry basket) – Washington
Klickitat Basket Style – Washington Salish Basket Style – (could be anywhere in Pacfic NW–OR–ID–MT–
Makah Style Basket – Northern Pacific NW (Alaska/Canada) Tlingit Rattle Top Style Basket – Alaska
Attu Eskimo Style Basket – Alaska (probably end of Aleutian Island Chain)
Adobe Gallery:
Pima Basket Style – Akimel O’oodham – circa 1900 Pima Shoulder Basket Style – Akimel O’oodham – circa 1910 Papago Man-in-the-Maze Style – Tohono O’oodham – circa 1940 Papago Fret Style Basket – Tohono O’oodman – circa 1920
Western Apache Style Olla – circa 1900 Western Apache Style Basket – 1890/1910  Whilkut Style (Hupa Group) Mush Bowl – 1900/1910 Hualapai Style Basket (Grand Canyon) – 1915

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