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    I have always considered spear points and arrow heads rather like works of art. No matter what Age or Eon, what country or geographical area of the world, for the most part they all seem to have their own elegance. I believe that they reveal the soul or spirit of their maker just as much as any modern day sculptor does in today’s world. I have tried to put together some pictures gathered across the cyber-waves along with the credit/links to where they were found; if any wish to, they may go there and possibly find other things that spark the curiosity and delight the imagination, to say nothing of it being of a possible educational value.

This “age” reference may, or may not, help you….(s).

Paleo – 13,000 – 8000 BC
Archaic – 8000 – 1000 BC
Woodland – 1000 BC – 800 AD
Historic – 1500 BC of more recent

Texas Archeological Society:

Photo of unspecified arrow and spear heads Photo of unspecified arrow and spear heads
Photo of unspecified arrow and spear heads
Dreamwaters’s Artifact Images: 
This Website is No Longer-Enjoy the Pictures
Found in Florida. Found in Florida. Found in Oklahoma. Found in New Mexico
Found in Indiana. Found in Colorado

Pat’s Authentic Indian Arrowheads and Artifacts:

Traditional Texas Points:

I openly confess that I am close to being totally ignorant to the finer nuances of relic description and the like. So I am just going to put down the description as the site has it; I have no idea if the description points to the person who found it, the style of the point, the area where it was found, a particular age it is believed to have been created in OR all the above.

It should be noted: These items are for sale at the site.

Martindale Ensor Pedernales Alamagre
Castroville Montell

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