May 31, 2006
Susan Bates
Illegal immigration is a hot topic these days. Many Americans are worried about competing against cheap labor from people who don't pay taxes yet reap the benefits offered by American society. The seemingly endless stream of desperate people crossing our borders may indeed be a cause for concern. While many Americans refuse to work for "low" wages, hungry Mexicans jump at the chance to provide any kind of meager life for their families and willingly face the reality of perishing in the desert or being killed in their own countries just to get here. Sadly, many Americans prefer to get their "reality" from watching TV shows.

People have a right to feel threatened when hordes of "foreigners" flood into a country. That is exactly what happened to the indigenous people of this hemisphere. Beginning 500 years ago with the Spanish invasion, millions upon millions of men, women and children have been slaughtered by "illegal immigrants" who stole the land and continue to hold it by sheer force and greed.

Most white people in this country do not know the true history of how "America" came to be. Taught that this land was wide open and sparsely populated, they don't seem to associate the atrocities of the past (and still today) with the acts of their ancestors.

While most all Americans shudder when HItler's concentration camps are spoken of, few realize that he modeled his camps after those Andrew Jackson constructed for the Cherokee. Yet our death march is rarely spoken of outside of indigenous circles. And all of the Nations had a death march. This land is drenched in their blood. Their faces look up at us as we trod upon our precious Mother Earth.

When thousands of our People perished due to measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, syphilis, and other foreign diseases introduced by the invaders, they chose to believe that "God" had sent these to the People so the "superior race" could possess the land.

When government bounties were placed on Indian scalps, noses, fingers and breasts, the citizens of the new United States of America, responded enthusiastically by supplying as many trophies as they could. In California there were Indian hunts held on Sunday's to eradicate the native population so prospectors and other "descent white folks" could have easier access to the gold.

Whole Nations have disappeared because of too lenient immigration laws. And when you consider that many of the People crossing our borders are indigenous to this continent, it becomes more frightening to a people who carry this burden of guilt, even if they don't consciously understand it.

Add to that the reality that America society is in a downward spiral and you have a recipe for disaster. When I was a kid, the USA took pride in being number one in academics and worked hard to stay ahead of Japan and Germany. Physical education and sports, geared to keep kids trim and in good health, have been replaced by computer and video games.

Today our young people are ill prepared to compete in this society, much less a global one. It is scary to see so many youngsters who can't read or write or even count change, much less be able to rattle off the names of 50 states and their capitals. And every day more and more children are drugged so that they will sit passively in their chairs. Why?

What kind of society have we allowed to be created when the state of Arizona has to offer a $1 million lottery to entice voters to go to the poles. Maybe it is time to replace complacent citizens with those who yearn for the freedoms and opportunities we take for granted today.

Above all, Indigenous People understand "balance" and are watching and waiting for the return of their lands. Perhaps the leaders of this nation understand this, too. If so, they have a right to be worried. As the old saying goes, "The mills of the gods grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine."
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