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Juan R. Leon


Juan has contributed Background Music for this website.


Guest Contributions do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. I am trying to create an open forum. I reserve the right to include any submitted article or not, with or without saying why. If you wish to reproduce any of these writings or graphics  you must ask permission of the author. At the bottom of each article will be contact information for the author when it is available. ~Snow Owl

Pow Wow Drum

Joy to My Ears is the Beating
The Heart of Mother Earth
Beautiful to My Eyes is the Moving
The Dance of My Soul
The Thunder of the Hoop
The Pulse of My People
Awake is My Spirit in it's Revealing
The Song of My Fathers
The Lullaby of My Mothers
The Cry of My Children
Alive are the Colors of My Nation
Searing their Painting on the Landscape
Moving In and Through History
Bountiful is the Love of My Beauty
In The Face of My People
A Compass for My Heart
The Circling of the Dancers
In Round Revelry they Rejoice
Warriors Claiming the Moment
Prayers Hoping for the Future
Singers Preserving the Past
Joy to My Heart is the Beating
Of the Pow Wow Drum

By J.R. Len

Listen to Juan R. Len's music in our background Music Options- El Amor Es Eterno and Tousleheaded Poet.

This was submitted, due to my request in the Native American Music Section for those involved in Native American music to find the words to explain what the music is and means. Thank you, Juan for your peom. ~ Stone Woman

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Updated July 2, 2008
Created June 2006