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What is freedom? Freedom is a wonderful thing....but to be truly free...
is there ever really such a thing? Does it only exist for such things as
unicorns living in the fantasy of our minds? Barriers, walls, limitations,
is that a state of freedom? What is free, who is free? I ask you this
question. One can endeavor to be as free as free can ever be.

If I ask the body if it is free, yes it would say; I can go where
I want, do pretty much what I please....this is America...I am free. least free within the limits of the law and my budget that is. 

If I ask the spirit...spirit, are you free? Bound and shackled I am,
in both mind and heart. There are great walls that surround me, closed
doors everywhere, posted signs all over the place..."do not enter", 
"private", "danger", "Do not trespass!" Places that I am in fear to tread, I am
a prisoner of fear. 

These old wounds that I carry, some that are still festering, they limit my expression, my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences. Am I free? Not hardly. I can only be as free as
I am ever allowed to be.....and consequently...that's not much freedom
at all.

Freedom does not mean to throw all caution to the wind, for a warrior
spirit must carry his shield. A free spirit is not just one who can run
with every whim and fancy....foot loose and fancy free does not a free
spirit make. 

Every spirit closes some doors...but the free spirit? When it closes a door to any trouble that wants to enter, it also throws open a window, so the good can still come and go. 

A free spirit, heals its wounds and gathers wisdom from them, they walk more in caution then in fear.

A free spirit's mind is open and at travels the vast spaces of the
universe within...without....with the spirit of discovery, awe and wonder.

A free spirit's heart has no ropes of fear, anger, jealousy, its not saddled
with regrets, old pains, old wounds...a free spirit can always love again.

Red Feather

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