Art Inyo McKellips is a Master Carver. And to me, that is saying it lightly indeed. I have never seen such magnificence come forth from the art of wood carving. Now, there are craftsmen and then there are Craftsmen. Let me add one, then there is Art! It can not be denied by anyone that this man puts all of his ancestry, his heart, his mind and his very soul into each piece he has done and is leaps out at you.

     If my SS Disability allowed me to do so I would obtain one of his works in a heartbeat! If you love wood carving on Native American themes, or any wood carving, then you are going to have to agree that while there might be another in the world that could possibly equal Art, there is no one in the world that surpasses him.

     Go to this non-commercial website, that is full of information (click on the small carvings to go to larger pictures with detailed stories about the carvings and their historical backgrounds) and enjoy.

     Keep in mind that the site is an In Progress website, and is by no means complete with all the examples of his craft that will eventually be there (even though there are 83 carvings with their stories there now<grin>). So, return often for possible updates!

Sign Art's Guestbook on your way out.

I give this one a Five Owl Feather

Enjoy!!! Snow Owl

Along with Excerpts from Some of the Stories


Eagle Dancer-
"Went to a Warm Springs Eagle Dancer performer Gene Harvey following his extraordinary performance at the Oregon State Fair in Salem Oregon. I invited Gene and his family to stop in on their way back to Warm Springs Reservation and presented the Eagle Dancer to him in appreciation of his and his families performance."~Inyo

It was Basswood about 2" X 18" X 28 "

The Whale Hunt-
The Nootka of Western Vancouver Island and their Cousins, the Makah of the Olympic Pennisula are noted as Whale Hunters amongst the Indian Tribes of the NW. They hunted with very heavy eighteen foot Yew wood harpoons with Shell tips, Sharpened Bone, or Stone or pounded out Iron tips...Then they thrust with the Harpoon...The whale would "Sound", diving deep towing the long cable of twisted root rope... then surface and tow them for miles and days in like manner...This might continue for three to four days before the whale succumbed to exhaustion...~Inyo

Carving is 22 inches by 25 inches and colored by Water Color paints soaked in as stain.

"This is Depicting Nootka Tribesmen getting gear ready to put to sea. They were cousins to the Makah who were also famous in their own right for whaling activities and great seamanship. The Nootka occupied Western Upper Vancouver Island while the Makah were south across the Straits of Juan De Fuca in now Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. "~Inyo

This is one of the most recent carvings.

What I See-
"What you see is what I saw in the burl walnut misshapen piece of wood."
~ Inyo


Suicide Race, Omak WN-
The horses thunder across the plain from the starting line, then they DIVE over a bluff that is nearly straight up and down...They hit the Omak River Water full bore and the horses swim across, up the far bank and up a trail to the Stampede Grounds...This Race has been going on yearly for many years, Grand Coulee Dam was Built in 1937 and it flooded the original race site causing the Indians to move the Competition to Omak on the Okanogan River that feeds the Columbia..."~Inyo

This is five inches thick Basswood 38 inches tall by 19 inches wide. Colored by Water Color paints soaked in as stain.

El Lobo-
"The native people of bygone era had great respect for Brother Wolf. They both lived in small groups, depended on hunting game to exist, shared their foods and had established territories they adopted as their own, keeping intruders out...The Indian had such high respect for the Wolf that few were killed unless in an emergency situation where it posed a threat or when the skin was needed for ceremonial purposes."~Inyo


Uncle Sam Wants You!-
"This was really one of my best works what with the foreshortened finger pointing at you. Most difficult to make it look real in two inch material when foreshortening is absolutely necessary to convey the idea. That's when years of experience comes in handy." ~Inyo

5 feet tall, 2 inches thick.


Brotherhood of Excellence-
Seven foot square carving in Atlanta Stadium. Presented in 1974, with Georgia Governor Carter, Baseball Commissioner-Bowir Kuhn, Hank Aaron and Art Inyo McKellips.


Musical Plaque-
"I don't read Music so on the carving here, I copied the music from a Church Hymnal. I have a great love for Music, but unfortunately I have trouble even whistling. One too many blows to the mouth as a struggling boxer when young. Since I can't play, I carve Music and Musicians."~Inyo


"Bonnie Prince Charlie"-
"Take a close look at the face of the Scot in the Wall Hanging of "The Royal Scot Hotel, Victoria, B.C.". That is "Bonnie Prince Charlie," Charles Stewart (Stuart), pretender to the Crown of Scotland and England in 1745...The Scottish thistle is the national plant..."~Inyo

It is Jelutong Mahogany, 2"x 16" wide By 22 Inches tall.


U.S.M.C. Emblem-
" I am a Marine. Once you join the Corps, which I did at seventeen years of age, and once you surmount the stress and rigors of Marine Corps Boot camp, you will NEVER again find yourself overly cowed by life or its problems..." ~Inyo

This free standing Emblem of the Corps, Desk size (about 10" tall), was presented to Major General James Armstrong, Medal of Honor Winner Viet Nam, a true Gentleman proud of his Scottish heritage.

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